Grove Hall Design Team

From its beginnings as a rural, fruit growing region to its current vibrant business district and wealth of community organizations, Grove Hall boasts an undeniable vitality.   It is a community that has also been deeply affected by youth violence.

Grove Hall was one of the four neighborhoods involved in creating the computer model of the youth violence system.  The Design Team that was formed in Grove Hall was made up of staff, residents and youth from Project R.I.G.H.T, Freedom House, and Charles Street AME Church.  Beginning in the Fall of 2009, the Grove Hall Team joined with the Bowdoin/Geneva Design Team to build on the work  that was begun by the Uphams Corner  Team.  Over the course of four meetings the Grove Hall Team shared their thoughts about the youth violence system including how young people move into gangs, how they decide to become violent, and the impact of family and community on youth.

Here's what people from the Grove Hall Design Team have to say about their experience:

Being on the Design Team showed me that I had a different role than I thought I had.  It’s kind of major to be on a Design Team like this that’s going to help the entire city. It kind of boosted my self-esteem as a youth in the community that I can have hands on contact with something that’s going to change the community.”  --Design Team Member, youth

“I think that [being on a Design Team] is something that every community should go through.  It’s not just about violence, but the process.  It bring folks together, it brings community members together that you wouldn’t necessarily have a conversation with because on a day to day basis we are so focused on our jobs and our tasks . . . and it really has a voice for young people . . .this type process can bring people together to really think about how do we collaborate and deal with issues rather than just leaving in to one or two organizations.” --Design Team Member, staff at a community organization


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